And my favourites are back! I am so happy today is my first grown-up “vacation” day and I am road tripping out of Winnipeg to explore more of Manitoba. Looking forward to sunshine, relaxation, and four days off before the craziness of fall and our United Way campaign begins!

Favourite song:

Favourite new baking skills (Irish soda bread):


Favourite delectable bouquet idea:

cotton candy bouquet

Favourite summertime show:

Favourite first sign of winter:


I’m feeling a little…well…”giddy” this week! Do you have a favourite musician? You know the one you wait anxiously for to release their latest CD and then learn all the lyrics within 24 hours? Well you probably have not heard of my favourite, but he is one seriously talented Canadian singer-songwriter: Liam Titcomb. (Yes, you may remember him from my Canada Day post).


When I was in high school we got these odd high school-ish magazines every now and then. Anyways, one time they had done this profile on  new Canadian artists. I decided to go home and look a few of them up and  it turned out Liam’s first CD was about to be released. I listened to the entire thing. Then I listened again…and again…and again. Over the years he toured a bit, but since I lived in two smaller communities in BC and he was out in Toronto I never saw him play live.

Last year he released his third album and with it, a cross-country tour. I drove to Golden, BC and then Kelowna  in the fall to see him play. I was lucky enough to have a chance to sit down with him, hear his stories, tell him how much I love him like his music, and have my song requests played through out his shows!

This week, he played The Cube on Monday at lunchtime and then Portage & Main on Tuesday. He sounded better than ever and I got hugs and a nice chat again. The only thing better than meeting your favourite rockstar is finding out they are as nice as you hoped they would be! I was all butterflies at work in the morning both days and he did not disappoint. He might not be world-famous, but it means I get tweets and smiles when he rolls into town. Do yourself a favour and listen up, I think you’ll find yourself to be a fan.

seeking a friend

Okay so it isn’t the end of the world, but sometimes when you’re the new kid it feels an awful lot like it! (Side note: Best movie ever! Specially the last scene). Making new friends can be a long, slow, and intimidating process so I thought I would share a few things I am learning along the way. If you end up in an unfamiliar place and need some new people in your life who are up for coffee dates and drinks on the patio, here is my advice to you:

  1. It’s all on you. The people you meet have lives and friends and family – they aren’t necessarily looking to add you to the mix. So you need to be a confident, friendly, outgoing person 24/7. It can be frustrating, but it pays off. I have learned that just because you’re “new” doesn’t mean people realize you might be entirely alone. I always try work this into the conversation so people realize I might like to hang out, but I do it without putting on too much pressure for an invite!
  2. Always say “Yes!” Sometimes you will want to sit alone at home and feel sorry for yourself, but now isn’t the time. If a friendly stranger invites you to hang out, say “YES PLEASE!” Take a chance and get to know someone new. Maybe they won’t be your new bff, but it means one less lonely day for you and a chance to become more settled.
  3. Don’t rush. The best friends you have back home are people you spent several years getting to know. You shared laughs and tears and everyday told them a little more about yourself. You cannot just jump into that again. This is the toughest part for me, but don’t act desperate and lay out all your darkest secrets as soon as someone smiles at you. Take your time in learning about people until you find the friends that are meant for you!

Homework: The next time someone “new” shows up at your work or school – please say hi, introduce yourself and offer to help them out. A little kindness goes a long way to someone who is feeling lonely and overwhelmed.

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And here goes my second installment of “Sunday morning pancakes!” I foolishly thought I might actually make pancakes this weekend, but the unpacking is fairly overwhelming and after doing my first big grocery shop yesterday, I’m not really interested in spending more money just to purchase baking supplies.

I have wanted to move into my own place since forever. The thought of setting up my own little home and finally achieving some kind of “grown-up” status has been tempting. So when I finally brought in the last box on Friday night and closed the door and had it all to myself – I was surprised at how alone I felt. The last two months have been a whirlwind for me. I went from my good life in Kamloops to a new place, new job, and new home. I have been very upbeat and excited about it all, so I knew at some point the change would hit me. I finally realized it is just me doing this by myself.

But I thought about this quote above. The last five years I have wanted to get my degree, quickly find a grad job, move out and just live (without the hassle of homework holding me back)! And I made that happen. So now that I am starting from scratch again and it feels a little lonely, I just have to believe in myself and my ability to make new friends here and create a life for myself. With a little hard work and some self-belief, I can get there. Here we go again…