Last night I was sitting in my living room with the blinds closed when I realized there was a bright pink light peeking through them. My thoughts went from “Oh no there must be some emergency and the fire trucks showed up in the neighbourhood!” to “Oh my gosh that is the sunset and I am missing it!” I will never get tired of prairie sunsets. I watch in full on jaw-dropping glory every time I witness one. Last week one of my friends was driving us around the city and I kept zoning out of the conversation as I swiveled around like a bobblehead figurine. I finally had to explain to her that these sunsets are not normal. Manitobans – or maybe us prairie Canadians in general – are very lucky people.


I really thought I would miss the mountains more and sometimes I do. When I was back in BC this winter I felt right at home flying over the forests, mountain ranges and Pacific coast. But the wide open space and the endless sky puts me in my place. It reminds me of how small we are in this world, but also how limitless it is for us to explore. I will never get tired of this nightly miracle, I am so glad it is that time of year again when I can sit in my apartment and watch the sky become a rainbow.


What outdoor scene in your city takes your breath away? 


Happy almost weekend! I walked to work for the first time ever this morning and it felt so good. Only took me 30 minutes (I just can’t stop gushing about how much I love where I live!) so I would like to try walk a minimum of twice a week in these summer months. Our summer events require the most driving around town to pick up prizes and equipment so my car is necessary, but on the days it is not I will take advantage of my close location. I suppose the +40 humidex days will just have to be an adventure.

I am looking forward to stopping on the way home at a waterfront restaurant for drinks and girl talk! Perfect way to kick off the weekend. Then some family time tomorrow and a “fancy party” (actual name!) in the evening. Any excuse to get dressed up is a good time for me. And work on Sunday – not quite as fun haha. Here are a few of my favourite things from the last week…

Favourite song:

Favourite first choice for next late-night talk show host:

Favourite thought-provoking article:

should and must

Favourite idea for apartment art:


Favourite new summer plans:


What are your favourites from this week or weekend plans?