Happy Canada Day! I am off to enjoy some festivities and fireworks in the park, but before I do I thought we could celebrate some Canadian cuties in honour of our nation’s birthday.

  1. Hockey player Dan Hamhuis: This fellow Smithereen of mine is a star defenceman in the NHL and plays for his hometown team – the Vancouver Canucks. Not only does he get the job done on the ice, he is well-known for his philanthropic work off it. If we’re celebrating some good-looking Canadian men, no list would be complete without this boyishly handsome hockey player.
  2. Astronaut Chris Hadfield: This Commander found his way into our hearts worldwide as he tweeted pictures from his mission aboard the International Space Station. With a wicked sense of humour, an obvious love for the unknown, and an ability to create some pretty awesome music videos - this astronaut with a mustache could not be ignored.
  3. Rockstar Liam Titcomb: I have had a crush on Liam ever since I bought his first CD in high school. With his little-too-long sexy black hair and smart, sensitive lyrics, this singer-songwriter has made a crazy fan out of me. I had a chance to hear him play live twice last year and discovered he has a heart of gold too!

How will you celebrate Canada today? Who would you name as your “Canadian cutie”?