I spend plenty more time than I should every day on social media, but it has led to some worthy finds that make me smile, pause, laugh out loud, and reflect daily. So let me show you my favourites on all three social media channels and hope that it brings you a little more light in your life!

Facebook: Humans of New York

I probably started following HONY about two years ago and since then I have tried to get all my friends hooked on it. Brandon Stanton is the man behind HONY and travels around NYC with his camera capturing human moments on the city streets.  Even better than the photos are the captions that go along with them, words that often startle me and change my perspective on strangers I pass by every day. The comments from Facebook fans always bring humour and Brandon never posts who in the picture gave the quote so we are left to guess. His cute Microfashion series featuring kids and their street style will warm anyone’s heart!

Instagram: Tyler Knott

I only came across Tyler on Instagram about two months ago, but since then his posts have completely brought out the romantic in me. Between his Daily Haiku written in gorgeous handwriting and the Typewriter Series that gives some love to the old-school technology, I find myself wishing for a sweetheart to share these words with! I am impatiently waiting for his book to come out this fall. If you need a little more love in your life (and who doesn’t?), I recommend bringing Tyler into your daily Instagram scrolling.

Twitter: Dana Weiss & Andi Lavinthal (when they are live-tweeting during The Bachelor tv episodes)

I can no longer watch any Bachelor episodes without constantly hitting refresh on Twitter to hear what Dana and Andi are thinking. Their snarky humour always cracks me up and they say exactly what all of us at home are chatting about with our friends. I know this follow isn’t a daily smile, but they make it worth it every time The Bachelor launches a new series. You won’t be disappointed!


Do you have any favourite follows to share?

Holy cow it has been awhile! And that is my fault and there are a million reasons (or excuses) I could choose to list, but I would rather just start fresh in 2014.


Probably starting in November, I began to feel a little stuck with life. I was restless just using my brain only for work, winter and grey skies had arrived, and my apartment was almost fully set up. I realized how many months had slipped by since I had arrived in Winnipeg and how easy it is to get caught up in the wake up, go to work, come home, make dinner, watch tv/ read a book/ phone a friend, go to bed. And repeat.

I let myself enjoy Christmas back in BC, but when I got home in January I realized I needed to work through this. Call it a quarter-life crisis, a spoiled twenty-something, the winter blues, an unnecessary worrywart moment, whatever you will. But for the past two years people kept telling me to worry about finding a job and living on my own. Now that I have figured out those pieces, I realize they weren’t the hardest. The most difficult part is what comes next when there is no structure, no five year goal to get the bachelor’s degree done, just (endless) life. And me.

And maybe you, dear reader, already knew this. But I did not. No one mentioned this part and I really wish everyone would spend some on it with graduating students (unless I am the exception). Or maybe this is what they call “growing up” and I should get over it?

Regardless, I had a really great chat with Amber and she said many wise things including that it was okay to just feel it. So I did. And this is what I learned:

  1. Last year if I was asked to introduce myself I would immediately answer with comments about work, school, volunteer, awards, conferences, and more. Being new to Winnipeg this year I have to introduce myself a lot and all I can say is I’m an event planner. After identifying with so many different things in the past, I feel like I have lost my identity.
  2. Amber told me I need to find things I love outside of my job – that is so true. For so long everything I have done was about setting myself up for the best university graduation/ job hunt possible. I love United Way, my job, and the non-profit sector. But when some days are a little too much,  I need to be able to come home and find joy in things that are all mine. And so comes Amy 2.0. Maybe everything up until now was just the preparation. Now I have to figure out who I really am.

February for me is my birthday month which makes it extra special. But I also want it to be about cleaning (getting rid of every damn box I still have left to unpack), organizing myself for financial success (downloading YNAB and setting up a plan to end all debt and save up for a rainy day), and goal-setting (using Lara Casey’s tips and what works best for me).

I’m done being stuck in a rut so follow along as I move forward and please, share the love and advice!

This blog title works for two reasons: 1) I intend to write about staying in touch with all my BC loves, but also 2) It’s been about a month since I posted on here. My laptop died almost permanently and it took me awhile to revive, but it’s alive and feeling better than ever so nothing will stop my blogging schedule now.


I cannot believe it has been over three months since I moved to Winnipeg. In some ways I feel like the time has flown, but in other ways it feels like I haven’t seen my friends and family in forever. It is so easy to lose touch. I have moved once before and while I know if I ever ran into my childhood friends we would get along just fine, I only regularly keep in touch with my best friend.

Sometimes it seems overwhelming to regularly call your family, write letters to your grandparents, text your friends, email your colleagues, and send smoke signals to… just kidding. But aren’t they the most important thing? If everything fell apart here in Winnipeg, aren’t they the ones that I could go home to and fall into their hugs?

Some of my favourite moments since I moved into my new place are coming home to care packages from my parents and sister, letters and gift cards from my extended family, and flowers from a friend. I love when I wake up in the morning to an inbox full of emails from my past colleagues. My family and friends are in my life for a reason – they’re special to me and I share so many memories with them.

So starting today it is my new goal to send one letter or email per day to someone back home in BC. Or phone a friend. I personally think snail mail is the best and while Canada Post can be painfully slow, nothing beats finding an envelope at y0ur doorstep.

I want my family and friends to know how much I miss them. I want people to come home to. I want to be the type of person who makes the time to say “Hello, I miss you, what’s new?”

Who sent you your last piece of snail mail with love? If you wrote to one person today, who would it be and why?


I have always felt it is important to know and understand what is going on in my city, province, country, and the world around me. Or at least attempt to. Sometimes politics and history feel like awfully complex issues to tackle in the morning when you’re getting ready for work or at night when you have barely managed to put dinner on the table for yourself. But I remember times in university when classmates would honestly say, “I don’t know the name of our Prime Minister”. I don’t think this is okay.

So I read the local newspapers online every morning. I follow the latest stories on Twitter. I attend candidate debates as election times near. And at night, I hang out with Peter Mansbridge as he hosts The National. It’s important to me to watch the news as often as I can. I find that if I just read the news online I only click on the headlines that interest me or are simple to understand. I end up selectively informing myself and remaining ignorant of very important topics.

I loved social studies in high school and political science in university. I liked having a prof who would update us on all the news stories and then explain the history of them. Even if personal bias came out, at least everything made more sense. I wish every serious developing world news story came with articles like this one from the Washington Post: “9 questions about Syria you were too embarrassed to ask“.

So I keep on reading and asking questions. I’ll never know it all, but if I can follow the stories and discuss them with friends it will help me take on a more active, engaged role in the world around us.

Do you watch/read the news regularly? Are you okay with staying in the dark or do you wish you were more informed?

I’m feeling a little…well…”giddy” this week! Do you have a favourite musician? You know the one you wait anxiously for to release their latest CD and then learn all the lyrics within 24 hours? Well you probably have not heard of my favourite, but he is one seriously talented Canadian singer-songwriter: Liam Titcomb. (Yes, you may remember him from my Canada Day post).


When I was in high school we got these odd high school-ish magazines every now and then. Anyways, one time they had done this profile on  new Canadian artists. I decided to go home and look a few of them up and  it turned out Liam’s first CD was about to be released. I listened to the entire thing. Then I listened again…and again…and again. Over the years he toured a bit, but since I lived in two smaller communities in BC and he was out in Toronto I never saw him play live.

Last year he released his third album and with it, a cross-country tour. I drove to Golden, BC and then Kelowna  in the fall to see him play. I was lucky enough to have a chance to sit down with him, hear his stories, tell him how much I love him like his music, and have my song requests played through out his shows!

This week, he played The Cube on Monday at lunchtime and then Portage & Main on Tuesday. He sounded better than ever and I got hugs and a nice chat again. The only thing better than meeting your favourite rockstar is finding out they are as nice as you hoped they would be! I was all butterflies at work in the morning both days and he did not disappoint. He might not be world-famous, but it means I get tweets and smiles when he rolls into town. Do yourself a favour and listen up, I think you’ll find yourself to be a fan.