A weekend or two ago, I made the best Saturday morning plans I have ever had. Honestly, I was excited all week and I still can’t think of anything more fun: my dear friend Kyla from Freckled Nest Design came over and we dined on chocolate chip pancakes and mimosas while watercolour painting envelopes! It was just perfect with the sun streaming in, some daffodils to brighten the place up, and a major catch up session of girl talk. Actually, we talked a lot about family and entrepreneurship. Grownups, I guess.

I met Kyla through Amber at Girl with the Red Hair when I was hired in Winnipeg and realized I did not know a single person here other than my family. While Amber and Kyla had never been face-to-face, they had become friends in the blogging world and Kyla was so warm and gracious to offer to help show me around! We have bonded over our love of The Bachelor TV series, farmer’s market mornings, chocolate chip cookies and pancakes, holiday craft sale crawls, Kacey Musgraves’ songs, and too many other things I cannot think to name.


I was inspired to do the envelope craft because I had stumbled upon Stephanie Fishwick’s blog post a few weeks before and pinned it immediately. It seemed simple enough for a painting-challenged person like me and affordable too! I picked up $3 watercolours from the dollar store, used a set of paintbrushes I stole from my mom who found them at a garage sale, and bought a pack of 50 envelopes from Staples for $10 that met Stephanie’s criteria of being 100% cotton. This was such a relaxing, easy thing to do and I managed to finish nine envelopes – back and front – that morning. I got a little more creative as the time wore on although I do humbly admit I copied some of Stephanie’s ideas.


It turns out Kyla and I are trendsetters as I discovered yesterday on Instagram that April is National Letter Writing Month! Actually I am pretty certain this is an American holiday, but I think Canadians should be allowed to adopt holidays that are such good ideas. The best part is two companies called Egg Press and Hello!Lucky joined forces and kicked off a WRITE_ON campaign challenging people to write 30 letters in 30 days this month. Since we are only a day behind, I hope you will join me in tackling this written word challenge and share your experience on social media through #30in30. Thirty letters in thirty hand-painted watercolour envelopes is sure to warm the hearts of your friends and family.


When was the last time you sent or received a letter?

It is Burger Week in Winnipeg right now and I thought I should get into the spirit of things! My mom made these cookies for my sister and I growing up and we would often bring them into class or to our Girl Guides meetings. Now that I’m all grown up, I like to make them every summer for my colleagues as a little sweet treat.


They are super simple – all you need is Nilla Wafers, Chocolate Buttons (I prefer halving After Eight mints, but these are hard to find when it’s not Christmas time), green and yellow icing (for lettuce and mustard), and sesame seeds to top (sprinkle some water on the “bun” to make them stick)!


They are always a popular dessert and so simple to make it is worth it! Someday when I am really craving sugar I’ll have to try these Brownie Burger Cupcakes…


Do you have a unique style of dessert you like to surprise people with?

When my time at my last job was coming to an end, I knew I wanted to say goodbye in a special way. All of my colleagues meant so much to me and  I wanted to have something that I could give each one of them, but still be unique enough to capture our different relationships. After much thought and scavenging, I came up with the idea to collect picture frames, insert colourful scrapbook paper with a handwritten Winnie the Pooh quote, and wrap it in brown stamped paper.

 To make them yourself:

  1. Collect picture frames you don’t use anymore, grab a couple from the dollar stores, and visit a local thrift shop. I made sure no two frames were the same as I wanted everyone to have their own type.
  2. Look up quotes that are meaningful for the recipient. Pinterest is great for this, but I wanted to use all Winnie the Pooh to keep them somewhat similar. I found all of my quotes from this website.
  3. Purchase scrapbook paper that is fun, but somewhat plain so it will be easy to read. I used a Sharpie and handwrote them all out including the date and a personal message.
  4. For some pretty packaging, I purchased patterned brown wrapping paper from the dollar store and used hemp, twine, or raffia to tie a bow. I  scooped up this stamp set awhile ago and it looked cute stamped onto the brown paper.
  5. Voila! You now have your very own picture perfect present for your best of friends.

What is the best thank you gift you have ever received?