I was writing blog posts last week and brainstorming content, but I still don’t feel like it’s the right time to post. I was planning a surprise trip to Kamloops, relaxing and spending time with my family and friends. But after years of battling (battling like a warrior) COPD,  I found out my Grandpa wasn’t doing very well. And on February 25 he became the best guardian angel I could ever hope for.

I was always very shy when I was little. To those of you who know me now, that may come as a bit of a surprise. It was always just our little family growing up in Smithers, BC and every summer when we made the long drive south to visit my dad’s family or if my mom’s family flew over from Ireland it took me quite awhile to warm up and have a conversation with anyone.

This was never the case with my grandpa. He was always the one family member I felt like I knew for years and could make me laugh instantly. His well-timed pranks and silly stories about my dad and uncles always made my sisters and I giggle. He was the one extended family member I could instantly feel at home with.

I feel like we lost the best Berard. The one who would light the room up. I hate to think of future family gatherings without his laugh and wink.

My dad and I had a Chad Brownlee CD playing in our house a few years ago and when I came into the room I said “You know who this song reminds me of?” and he said “Grandpa”. I am not sure if grandpa ever heard it, but he loved his western movies so I am sure he would appreciate a country song. And if my dad and I both thought it, we can’t be wrong. So this one’s for you Grandpa Berard: His Own Terms.