Happy almost weekend! I walked to work for the first time ever this morning and it felt so good. Only took me 30 minutes (I just can’t stop gushing about how much I love where I live!) so I would like to try walk a minimum of twice a week in these summer months. Our summer events require the most driving around town to pick up prizes and equipment so my car is necessary, but on the days it is not I will take advantage of my close location. I suppose the +40 humidex days will just have to be an adventure.

I am looking forward to stopping on the way home at a waterfront restaurant for drinks and girl talk! Perfect way to kick off the weekend. Then some family time tomorrow and a “fancy party” (actual name!) in the evening. Any excuse to get dressed up is a good time for me. And work on Sunday – not quite as fun haha. Here are a few of my favourite things from the last week…

Favourite song:

Favourite first choice for next late-night talk show host:

Favourite thought-provoking article:

should and must

Favourite idea for apartment art:


Favourite new summer plans:


What are your favourites from this week or weekend plans?

This post was delayed for personal reasons, but it deserves to be shared. This is a Canadian blog after all! So without further ado, Friday Favourites – Olympic hockey tweets.

I’m a total girly girl and while I may be spending my Valentine’s night as a single lady binge-watching the new season of House of Cards, I love this season of love! It doesn’t hurt that one of my friends is getting married tomorrow and I get to ooh and aah all day long at her wedding.

I wish you love, secret admirers, Hershey kisses, all the pink things, and a good hair day!

Favourite Valentine song:

Favourite sweet treats for my family and friends:


Favourite wardrobe choices for the day:


Favourite reminder to feel love:


Happy Valentine’s Day! And special love for my friends who found their forever Valentine’s and are becoming newlyweds this year – I’m so happy for Sarah, Amrita, Claire, and Geralyn. 

Back for another weekly rendition of Friday Favourites! This week seemed to go by quite slowly, but after two action-packed weekends I am very much looking forward to some downtime and hosting my family for dinner. Plus immersing myself into 2014 goal-setting which will lead to more blog posts(!) and if I have time, hopefully some Valentine’s DIY.

Favourite album I’m rocking out to in my car:

Favourite sweater:


Favourite insight into the future from Olivia Wilde:

Favourite desktop wallpaper on my new laptop thanks to Sugar Paper:


Favourite tough-as-nails hockey player:

What was your favourite moment or online find from this past week?

TGIF! I have never worked so hard in my life at work these past few weeks. My first big event for United Way is next Friday and I feel permanently frazzled! One of the girls at work invited me to join her book club and our September meeting is at a cabin on Lake Winnipeg all weekend – perfect way to unwind – with friendly strangers on the beach!

Favourite day at work – tour of the Jets arena:


Favourite fall treat:


New favourite musical duo:

Favourite touristy Winnipeg moment:


Favourite breakfast:

pancakes and peaches

 What is one of your “favourites” from the past two weeks?