St. Patrick’s Day has always been an extra special day in my family. My sister and I would get all dressed up in green wearing shamrock pins and necklaces and hair ties, eat pancakes for breakfast and bring homemade shamrock cookies to school. The day would always end with some kind of special family dinner and cake to celebrate. St. Patrick’s Day is important to us because we have our very own leprechaun – my mom(!) who moved to Canada for an adventure when she was just a few years younger than I am. I still have a large extended family in Dublin and I have visited twice – most recently two years ago when we spent three weeks strolling Temple Lane, eating fish and chips in Galway, walking carefully along the Cliffs of Moher, taking the Black Taxi Cab tour of Belfast, and always stopping at every single castle, tower, or church we encountered along the way!

I am so proud of my dual citizenship and I was surprised at how important it was for me to learn the history of Ireland while I was there. Ireland always feels like it has a little magic to it and I am glad that my heritage claims a small piece. So although I may be on my own for the holiday this year, I spent the weekend listening to The Corrs, baking shamrock cookies and preparing my green outfit! Tomorrow I’ll have a little (or a lot of) Bailey’s and some Irish Stew for dinner.

So please wear some green or expect a virtual blogging *pinch* from me! Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Slàinte!

How are you celebrating today?

I’m a total girly girl and while I may be spending my Valentine’s night as a single lady binge-watching the new season of House of Cards, I love this season of love! It doesn’t hurt that one of my friends is getting married tomorrow and I get to ooh and aah all day long at her wedding.

I wish you love, secret admirers, Hershey kisses, all the pink things, and a good hair day!

Favourite Valentine song:

Favourite sweet treats for my family and friends:


Favourite wardrobe choices for the day:


Favourite reminder to feel love:


Happy Valentine’s Day! And special love for my friends who found their forever Valentine’s and are becoming newlyweds this year – I’m so happy for Sarah, Amrita, Claire, and Geralyn. 


Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadians! I heart this time of year (long weekends especially). I love that there is a weekend dedicated to being grateful. Even though we should take time everyday, sometimes we don’t, and this weekend is a perfect reminder. I have been busy baking pumpkin cookies, walking by the Red River down to the Legislative Buildings to take pictures, watching Gravity in Imax 3D and clutching my chair arms, and making new friends. Here are just a few of the things I am grateful for this year:

My family in BC that always takes the time to remind me of how much they miss me and my family here in Winnipeg that has welcomed me and given me a place to come home to when I need it.

A team of colleagues that are funny, dedicated, patient, helpful, creative… and did I mention funny? I laugh at work everyday and I’m grateful that they always stop and take the time to answer my questions as I learn this new role.

For new friends that invite me to hang out and show me around the city even if they don’t really need another new friend. And for my friends back in BC who check in, say hi, and want to know how this adventure is going.

And I’m thankful for this chance to see more of Canada. To live on the prairies in a city that isn’t one of the most talked-about Canadian cities, but really should be. I’m falling in love with Winnipeg and every weekend I venture off to some place new and get to feel like a tourist again. I am happy I chose here to start my career and didn’t move to somewhere familiar.

What are you thankful for this weekend?

Happy Canada Day! I am off to enjoy some festivities and fireworks in the park, but before I do I thought we could celebrate some Canadian cuties in honour of our nation’s birthday.

  1. Hockey player Dan Hamhuis: This fellow Smithereen of mine is a star defenceman in the NHL and plays for his hometown team – the Vancouver Canucks. Not only does he get the job done on the ice, he is well-known for his philanthropic work off it. If we’re celebrating some good-looking Canadian men, no list would be complete without this boyishly handsome hockey player.
  2. Astronaut Chris Hadfield: This Commander found his way into our hearts worldwide as he tweeted pictures from his mission aboard the International Space Station. With a wicked sense of humour, an obvious love for the unknown, and an ability to create some pretty awesome music videos - this astronaut with a mustache could not be ignored.
  3. Rockstar Liam Titcomb: I have had a crush on Liam ever since I bought his first CD in high school. With his little-too-long sexy black hair and smart, sensitive lyrics, this singer-songwriter has made a crazy fan out of me. I had a chance to hear him play live twice last year and discovered he has a heart of gold too!

How will you celebrate Canada today? Who would you name as your “Canadian cutie”?