If you came to this post looking for pancakes, you won’t find any here. This is the start of a new biweekly series for me on Sunday mornings and pancakes are included because – why not? Every Sunday morning should always include pancakes and this post will taste (read?) better if you eat pancakes while viewing. If you’re lucky – and I’m feeling domestic enough – at some point I likely will post pancake recipes. But for now, these posts are meant to be reflective.

Sundays for me have always been “special” days. I think they’re meant to be quiet, fun, lazy, and spent with family and friends. (Honestly, for the last five years Sundays have been my most hated days because it meant I had to do all the homework I had ignored for the past week. But my ideal Sunday sounds nice doesn’t it?) Anyways, I have always loved browsing quotes on Pinterest, finding cute stories, listening to song lyrics, and just looking for meaning in the little things. “Sunday morning pancakes” is my chance to post one of these quotes and give you my thoughts on it. Then I want to hear yours. So let’s get started…


 I found this on Pinterest two nights ago and had to smile. It was a nice reminder that even though I only have 4 family members in Winnipeg and I am in the process of getting acquainted with my 70 co-workers, there are so many potential friends to make in this city. I found a picture of my “goodbye party” in Kamloops yesterday and it felt special knowing how many people came out to give me a hug. When I moved to Kamloops six years ago, I had not met any of them yet and now I consider them all best friends. I like to think that six years from now, I could have a group of “Winnipeg strangers” gather to give me hugs too!

Do you find comfort in knowing someone who is a stranger to you one day could end up becoming your new bff?