I spend plenty more time than I should every day on social media, but it has led to some worthy finds that make me smile, pause, laugh out loud, and reflect daily. So let me show you my favourites on all three social media channels and hope that it brings you a little more light in your life!

Facebook: Humans of New York

I probably started following HONY about two years ago and since then I have tried to get all my friends hooked on it. Brandon Stanton is the man behind HONY and travels around NYC with his camera capturing human moments on the city streets.  Even better than the photos are the captions that go along with them, words that often startle me and change my perspective on strangers I pass by every day. The comments from Facebook fans always bring humour and Brandon never posts who in the picture gave the quote so we are left to guess. His cute Microfashion series featuring kids and their street style will warm anyone’s heart!

Instagram: Tyler Knott

I only came across Tyler on Instagram about two months ago, but since then his posts have completely brought out the romantic in me. Between his Daily Haiku written in gorgeous handwriting and the Typewriter Series that gives some love to the old-school technology, I find myself wishing for a sweetheart to share these words with! I am impatiently waiting for his book to come out this fall. If you need a little more love in your life (and who doesn’t?), I recommend bringing Tyler into your daily Instagram scrolling.

Twitter: Dana Weiss & Andi Lavinthal (when they are live-tweeting during The Bachelor tv episodes)

I can no longer watch any Bachelor episodes without constantly hitting refresh on Twitter to hear what Dana and Andi are thinking. Their snarky humour always cracks me up and they say exactly what all of us at home are chatting about with our friends. I know this follow isn’t a daily smile, but they make it worth it every time The Bachelor launches a new series. You won’t be disappointed!


Do you have any favourite follows to share?

  • http://lemonthistle.com/ Colleen Pastoor

    I just spent WAY too long browsing HONY, such an awesome find! Thanks Amy :)