TGIF! I have never worked so hard in my life at work these past few weeks. My first big event for United Way is next Friday and I feel permanently frazzled! One of the girls at work invited me to join her book club and our September meeting is at a cabin on Lake Winnipeg all weekend – perfect way to unwind – with friendly strangers on the beach!

Favourite day at work – tour of the Jets arena:


Favourite fall treat:


New favourite musical duo:

Favourite touristy Winnipeg moment:


Favourite breakfast:

pancakes and peaches

 What is one of your “favourites” from the past two weeks?

  • ivette

    I love that pumpkin spice latte, I had one yesterday actually!
    Cool post! …among my past 2 weeks favorites: hunger games part 2, a song a guy I dated wrote to me, red wine, the new clothes I made for myself to wear on the beach and saying goodbye to my friends and family since I’m heading back home in 2 days…