I have always felt it is important to know and understand what is going on in my city, province, country, and the world around me. Or at least attempt to. Sometimes politics and history feel like awfully complex issues to tackle in the morning when you’re getting ready for work or at night when you have barely managed to put dinner on the table for yourself. But I remember times in university when classmates would honestly say, “I don’t know the name of our Prime Minister”. I don’t think this is okay.

So I read the local newspapers online every morning. I follow the latest stories on Twitter. I attend candidate debates as election times near. And at night, I hang out with Peter Mansbridge as he hosts The National. It’s important to me to watch the news as often as I can. I find that if I just read the news online I only click on the headlines that interest me or are simple to understand. I end up selectively informing myself and remaining ignorant of very important topics.

I loved social studies in high school and political science in university. I liked having a prof who would update us on all the news stories and then explain the history of them. Even if personal bias came out, at least everything made more sense. I wish every serious developing world news story came with articles like this one from the Washington Post: “9 questions about Syria you were too embarrassed to ask“.

So I keep on reading and asking questions. I’ll never know it all, but if I can follow the stories and discuss them with friends it will help me take on a more active, engaged role in the world around us.

Do you watch/read the news regularly? Are you okay with staying in the dark or do you wish you were more informed?

  • girlwiththeredhair

    Omg that article is awesome! Thank you!

    I try to stay pretty up to date on things. I usually know a little bit about a lot of things that are going on. I know the jist of what is happening in Syria right now but I do not feel confident enough in what I know to really talk to someone about it and certainly not to debate on it. I definitely educated myself more in this past provincial election than I ever have before though!