I’m feeling a little…well…”giddy” this week! Do you have a favourite musician? You know the one you wait anxiously for to release their latest CD and then learn all the lyrics within 24 hours? Well you probably have not heard of my favourite, but he is one seriously talented Canadian singer-songwriter: Liam Titcomb. (Yes, you may remember him from my Canada Day post).


When I was in high school we got these odd high school-ish magazines every now and then. Anyways, one time they had done this profile on  new Canadian artists. I decided to go home and look a few of them up and  it turned out Liam’s first CD was about to be released. I listened to the entire thing. Then I listened again…and again…and again. Over the years he toured a bit, but since I lived in two smaller communities in BC and he was out in Toronto I never saw him play live.

Last year he released his third album and with it, a cross-country tour. I drove to Golden, BC and then Kelowna  in the fall to see him play. I was lucky enough to have a chance to sit down with him, hear his stories, tell him how much I love him like his music, and have my song requests played through out his shows!

This week, he played The Cube on Monday at lunchtime and then Portage & Main on Tuesday. He sounded better than ever and I got hugs and a nice chat again. The only thing better than meeting your favourite rockstar is finding out they are as nice as you hoped they would be! I was all butterflies at work in the morning both days and he did not disappoint. He might not be world-famous, but it means I get tweets and smiles when he rolls into town. Do yourself a favour and listen up, I think you’ll find yourself to be a fan.

  • girlwiththeredhair

    That is a great song!! I’m glad you got to see your favourite musician again! You really are a super fan ;)