About Me

What do you want to know? I guess we can start with the priority information:

I have never turned down a cupcake. Spontaneous dance parties in the comfort/privacy of my home are the best way to get me pumped up. If you see me pick up a Jodi Picoult novel, I’ll likely be busy for the next 24 hours. I have an odd addiction to scarves and pictures of the Eiffel Tower. I am a lifelong Canucks and Hockey Night in Canada fan. And I am one of those people who prefers hugs over handshakes.

I play games for fun, but I am competitive when it comes to my career. I do my best work when I am putting in hours towards something I believe in. I can be terribly impatient, but only because I know there are so many more big dreams I am secretly scheming about.

I’m a twenty-something girl just starting out on my first career adventure. I was born and raised in Beautiful BC so I tend to consider the mountains, trees, and ocean my home. Moving east to Winnipeg is a big change for me, but I figure the people of “Friendly Manitoba” will make me more than welcome. I studied marketing at Thompson Rivers University and fell in love with a career at United Way.

This blog will share my career ups and downs, discoveries in my new home of Winnipeg, and personal thoughts as I stumble across things along the way.