I really love this weekly post and so even though it’s 7:30 pm, let’s please just pretend it’s early in the morning and pancakes are being served.


I was cleaning up this weekend and found a pile of cards people gave me when I graduated/ moved away. This one was from my younger sister and made me pause because it seemed to capture the advice Amber and Colleen gave me in last week’s blog comments. Thanks ladies!

This weekend I watched Pretty Woman for the very first time (ridiculous I know!) Gosh I love Julia Roberts. I baked and cooked and cleaned. I enjoyed a mug of  hot chocolate and burned my delicious smelling bellini candle. I decorated with daffodils and spent time in the sunshine. I cheered Tessa and Scott on and giggled at how cute the Dufour-Lapointe sisters are. I indulged in sushi takeout and Skyped with my friend in Britain. This weekend was quiet and satisfying.

Maybe this weekend was a tiny now that makes up part of my journey to feeling settled in Winnipeg. I am definitely starting to realize that just because I may want something more from life and I have some big dreams for myself, it doesn’t mean that every day has to be a sprint to the finish line. It never was before and I always did alright. I think it’s positive that I’m aware I may be just repeating motions and not actively working towards my goals, but I have to accept there is a day-to-day part of life I will never escape. And that’s okay because those tiny thousand nows could add up to a pretty wonderful life.

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Did you have a tiny now moment this weekend that made you smile?

  • http://www.girlwiththeredhair.com/ Amber

    Wow that sounds like such a great weekend! Everything you described sounds lovely. I love cozy weekends at home. I would say our time in Vancouver definitely gave me some ‘now’ moments. It reminded me that if you are feeling really antsy and stuck in routine you don’t necessarily have to do much or go to far to shake things up :)

  • http://lemonthistle.com/ Colleen Pastoor

    I hardly ever pin quotes, but I have ‘It’s okay to be happy with a calm life.’ pinned! It’s become almost a motto for me, sometimes feeling ‘stuck’ at home… but I’m learning to love those little nows.

    Great post!