The things I am learning in the last three weeks…

  • It is hard to be at your most vulnerable when you are not completely settled within your environment.
  • People will surprise you. They can be loving, thoughtful and kind in the times you need it most, but you have to be willing to show up and embrace it.
  • Maybe there is no place that can give you peace or strength, maybe you have to work for that.
  • When you make the big life decisions think them through and then let go, so when life calls them into question it will be easier to ignore the doubt.
  • Do not avoid the ones you love, “unconditional” means they are there to pick you up, dust you off, and give you a hug.
  • Eventually the happy and the humour will distract you if just for a little while.
  • Actively practice self-love.
  • Amber

    Self-love. So so so important for so many reasons. If you love yourself first and foremost and you’re kind to yourself, everything else will come!

  • Colleen Pastoor

    I couldn’t agree more with these points! My favourite right now (because it’s timely) is letting go after you make decisions- no point in doubting when you can just appreciate the ride :)