I actually had pancakes for dinner tonight so that is my excuse for posting this later in the day than usual. (They were delicious by the way!)


I have had a pretty excellent past few weeks. Making new friends, exploring new places, and laughing every single day at work. I am reveling in the decision I made to move here and appreciating all that my life in Winnipeg has to offer. I think this is a conscious choice I make every day to settle down here, some days it can be harder than others.

When I am meeting new people, I can’t be wishing I was sitting at a coffee shop in Kamloops talking to my best friends. When I am hanging out with my family, I can’t wish I was at home with my parents and sisters, playing with my nephew. When I am collaborating with my team at work, I can’t wish I was walking into our United Way office in Kamloops and catching up with all the girls. If I live my life in Winnipeg constantly comparing it to what I had before, I will never let myself be happy here.

It is not a matter of just going through the motions and letting time slip by, I need to actively live my life here everyday.

Do you find yourself thinking the grass is greener somewhere else?  Or do you remember to be present in all that you do?


  • girlwiththeredhair

    I feel like the “grass is greener” mentality is something we somehow get engrained with in our culture. I definitely have a lot of ‘the grass is greener’ moments in my life, even though it’s pretty darn great, I think there is just something “sexy” about what we don’t have, ya know? But you’re right, we need to commit ourselves fully to the life we DO have. I saw this on Twitter the other day and it really resonated with me:
    “The grass is always greener where you water it”